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Aug 1, 2019

My guest today is Oki Alexander.

As the founder of MovOr Oki specializes in only one thing: being Simply Human. And it turns out to be damn hard!

He came to China as an architect and martial artist in 2004, but over time transitioned to be one of the leading thinkers and practitioners of natural human movement in China, connecting mind, body and environment.

Oki is one of the first 18 people in the world to become MovNat Level 3 certified and has been a strong advocate of movement-with-purpose all his life. After specializing for over 30 years in martial arts including Judo, Fencing, Baimei Quan, Wingchun, Sanda, Kendo and Capoeira, Oki realized all specialization leads to injuries and has since been studying with people like Erwan LeCorre, Ido Portal, and Thomas Myers and connecting holistic training to prehab-rehab, forming his own philosophy called MovOr.

With the profound understanding that we need to be human first, a mover second and as specialist last, MovOr is a movement practice that promotes injury resistance, forms a strong base for specialized sports and is an excellent way to recuperate from the tolls that repetition puts on our body.

MovOrs strive not to be neither sub-human or super-human. Rather they try to be Simply Human: move in ways that are practical, expressive and playful without the need to be, or look like, Superman.

Oki believes that when given the right space, movement development in children can help them be more balanced human beings, physically as well as mentally. As such, he is dedicated to creating an environment for kids to develop and grow as the Chief Learning Officer at Yinglets.