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Jan 2, 2020

My guest today is Cory Arth. Cory serves as the general physical therapy counsel at UP Clinic in Shanghai. UP clinic is the first physical therapy clinic of it’s kind in Mainland China, seeking to transform the healthcare industry and facilitate the transition away from leading with the surgical option to a more conservative approach through the correction of soft tissue problems and issues.

Outside of his professional life, Cory is a director of FitFam, a community that was started in Shanghai with the aim of making fitness accessible to everyone. He is also an amateur endurance athlete and recently completed an IronMan in Langkawi, Malaysia. In this conversation, we dig into Cory’s educational background, his work with elite NFL players and other athletes, and his journey to China and business efforts. Please excuse the background noise, as things got a little loud.

This episode will also be the last episode of season 1 of Rolling Forward. I am going to be taking the next few weeks over Chinese New Year to reassess and refocus the direction I wish to take the podcast. Don’t worry, it will be back soon. For now though, please enjoy this conversation with Cory Arth.