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Feb 27, 2020

My guest today is Michelle Pein. Michelle is an international Holistic Life Coach, who helps clients all over the world who are feeling lost & stuck in their current career and life. She helps them to find their purpose, & create a life they love.

Having worked in the corporate & consulting world before, she has learned from her own experience in breaking out of a successful, but unhappy career, to follow her purpose path. This experience combined with the knowledge she gathered in over 4 years of self-discovery led her to create the Your Purpose Path™ Coaching Model. 

Using her hands-on coaching model, she leverages her own diverse experiences and helps her clients to find their true selves, their purpose and create a life they love in a fun & intuitive way.

In this conversation, we dive into Michelle's experience in the corporate world and her background in high-stress environments. We also explore her experiences with acute paralysis, and how she took these multiple episodes as a time to reflect on where her life was going. This conversation touches on a lot of issues that many people will resonate with, so please enjoy it.

If you like what you hear, and are looking to get in touch with Michelle, her contact details are: