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Mar 13, 2020

My guest today is Dennis O’Connor. Dennis is a medical professional who is on a mission to eliminate the confusion and mystery that surround the science of health & happiness. After 10 years of experience in intensive care, Dennis embarked on a journey which took through sales, and scuba diving, and onto the treatment of addiction.

Upon returning to the field of medicine, Dennis was struck by the ongoing confusion surrounding our perceptions of happiness and mental health. Drawing on his experiences outside of medicine, Dennis was able to successfully implement methodologies that created massive value for his clients and helped them move forward through their struggles.

Dennis believes that knowledge is power and it is his wish is to empower people to take full control of their wellbeing and happiness. There’s a huge amount of information out there, the problem is making sense of it all, and Dennis aims to help people do that.

In this conversation, we explore Dennis’s experiences in intensive care, the impact that using motivational sales techniques can have on those with addiction problems, and how to effectively manage mental health issues without the use of pharmaceuticals and SSRIs. This conversation is packed with actionable information, so grab a notepad and enjoy it!

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