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Apr 24, 2020

My guest today is Armando Cruz. Armando is a coach, business owner, and his mission is, to quote: "to help you eliminate pain and optimize your 7 Healths so you can show up powerfully in your relationships, and live a more vibrant, service filled life."

Armando’s business focuses on achieving this, whilst his best selling both “The legacy code”, helps men everywhere to access and live out their full potential and create a legacy that inspires them and those around them.

In this conversation, we explore the 7 healths that Armando helps his clients to optimize, how he does it, how you can do it, and what impact this process can have. We also dig into his business journey, and the relationship struggles that formed an integral part of that journey, as well as his passion for ultra-marathon running, and how controlled suffering can be incredibly transformative.

I loved this conversation and had a great time exploring some areas of shared interest. It’s packed full of useful information that you can easily apply to your own life, so please enjoy it!