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May 7, 2020

My guest today is Byron Morrison. Byron is an executive coach who helps CEOs handle the shadow side of success, and stop operating from a state of mental emergency, so they can make better decisions, execute without overthinking, and handle new levels of pressure. He does this with his EVOLVED CEO program, which draws upon his diverse experiences in the business world, health, nutrition, and psychology, and helps his clients to quite literally up-level their brainpower.

In this conversation, we explore the creation of the EVOLVED CEO program, and how the diagnosis of his father with cancer provided the impetus he needed to take control of a professional life that was leaving him unfulfilled, and transform his life in the service of others. We also dig into how right now, with everything that is going on with COVID-19, provides a massive opportunity for businesses that are able to make the most of challenging circumstances, and how individuals can do the same. Byron is an incredibly knowledgeable guy who’s broad experience gives him a unique perspective on how to optimize your mindset. This conversation is packed with easily actionable points, so grab a pen and paper, and enjoy it!