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Oct 29, 2019

My guest today is Adrian Cahill. Adrian is an executive coach, investor, and business mentor to some of the most successful young entrepreneurs the world over. Adrian’s unique background and experiences as a member of the Australian armed forces, and transition from soldier to investor to coach give him a unique perspective on the struggles commonly faced in the modern world.

Adrian is the founder of MOTIVATE Shanghai, and Bali NLP, and is passionate about helping people develop the skillset they need to succeed at whatever they do. In this conversation we take a deep dive into Adrian’s personal experiences with mental health, his time in an asylum, and how he coped with the suicide of his best friend when he was deployed in Afghanistan. We explore his views on the current state of how mental health disorders are treated. Please be aware that this conversation gets quite intense, so apologies if you are either triggered or offended by the content.

Please enjoy this episode!

See below for links to Adrian's website, and the website for the upcoming Bali NLP coaching bootcamp!