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Jul 2, 2020

My guest today is Sarah Ratekin. Sarah is the Chief Happiness Officer at a global corporation, utilizing novel methods to tackle organizational inflammation. A radical positivity activity, she’s also the owner of Happiness Is Courage Inc., sharing her message of hope, happiness, and gratitude as avenues to greater personal and professional resilience and well-being. She has spoken at conferences across North America, facilitated numerous workshops on workplace excellence, and worked with groups from 1 to 200+ to discover and embrace their personal strengths, ambitions, and relationship goals. Employee satisfaction and wellbeing have a real business impact, and Sarah’s work focuses on increasing those metrics leading simultaneously to greater profitability and happiness in the workplace.

In this conversation, we explore the idea of organizational inflammation further, and how exactly it can have an impact on a business. We also dig into why the idea of work-life balance is a myth and strategies for fostering greater happiness in the workplace. Sarah’s diverse experiences in various fields give her a unique insight into the field of positive psychology, an area of expertise that is more important now than ever. There are some practical tips in this conversation that you can easily apply to your life, so grab a pen and paper and enjoy it!