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Jul 29, 2020

My guest today is Linda Dumpe. Linda is the founder of a hotel digital marketing agency geared towards presenting boutique hotels as a luxury experience and not just a hotel room. Drawing on her experiences as an Instagram influencer with over 50k followers, and as an active blogger, Linda has intimate knowledge of the digital marketing landscape and furnishes her clients with tactics that work for luxury boutique hotels.

In this conversation we explore the mental health impact that living life through social media can have, and how the need to keep up with everyone and present an outward image of the perfect life can really take a toll on one’s wellbeing. We also explore the stresses associated with trying to launch a hotel marketing agency in the midst of a global pandemic, and some of Linda’s strategies for managing such a massive amount of uncertainty.

This conversation approached mental health from a slightly different angle to the usual, but it was fascinating to explore the impacts of social media with someone who has been able to leverage the platforms in such a powerful way. Social media is ubiquitous, so it’s important to have a healthy relationship with it. Many thanks to Linda for sharing her story, so go ahead, and enjoy this conversation with Linda Dumpe.